Ron Broda, BCCPAC President Takes Leave of Absence

Dear Members;

As many of you know, there have been a number of very unfortunate developments lately. The fact is that the current Board is divided. The Board will change at our AGM in May and the new Board will be starting with a clean slate. You, dear members, are responsible to do your own due diligence and elect candidates for the Board who truly have the best interest of students and BCCPAC at heart.

There are also long-standing issues that predate this and even the last two Boards. There is a plan in place to address these issues. It is the now complete Governance Audit and the implementation of its recommendations. That process needs to be slow, deliberate and well thought out.

The Governance Audit was initiated as a result of a series of member resolutions asking for changes.

This year we have begun the process of consulting with members, as identified in the Audit Report’s recommendations. Following those consultations, there will begin the process of writing a new Constitution and Bylaws document, also as identified in the audit’s recommendations. I urge members to attend the Governance Audit Member Input Sessions. Your input will help build a better BCCPAC.

In the last edition of Newsbytes you were informed that the Board’s next meeting will be a facilitated discussion, held to assist the Board in addressing current challenges. The announcement stated that Past President Howland and former 2nd Vice-President Tedrick had been invited to attend. They did not know about the invitation until after NewsBytes was published and are unable to attend. The meeting will include an independent mediator, as was always the intent.

Last year I made a very difficult decision to stand for election to this position. I had been on this Board for three years. I knew the challenges that I faced and the time commitment I was making. Frankly, the most logical decision for me personally would have been not to seek election, but I could not bring myself to walk away from this organization.

If the time I am spending devoted to BCCPAC was dealing with our true purposes, I would be very satisfied and invigorated, as the achievements that we have made have sustained me to this point; however, I am spending far too much of my time attempting to put out unnecessary fires.

I have decided to take a step back for a while. I will be reassessing the role I have in BCCPAC’s future. I will also be doing some deep strategic thinking about developing an effective plan to improve this organization.

I am taking a temporary leave beginning today. I have not yet determined how long that leave will be. I will be back well before the AGM. During my leave 1st Vice President Ann Whiteaker will assume my duties as identified in BCCPAC’s Constitution and Bylaws.

Hoping to return for the future for ALL of our children.

Ron Broda, President & CEO

One thought on “Ron Broda, BCCPAC President Takes Leave of Absence

  1. Funny how the language has change from ‘stupid’ to ‘dear’ members.

    On the other hand, there are now references to “unfortunate developments lately”, “long-standing issues”, “current challenges” and “unnecessary fires” – all of which is awfully vague. This was an opportunity to call spade a spade. This was an opportunity to take responsibility, not further avoid it. That would have shown principled leadership. It would have given the possibility for members to understand what exactly the executive was up to that lead to the “unfortunate developments” and ignited the “unnecessary fires”.

    Instead it became another incredibly missed opportunity.

    And this section from Laurey-Anne Roodenburg’s email refers to a ‘gag order’, essentially muting dissenting views and concentrating power in Presidents hands.

    “Clearly the BCCPAC members on this list serve are wondering why their Directors have remained silent on this topic of discussion. BCCPAC Directors are restricted from exposing, discussing or commenting on anything before the Board by a Code of Ethics Policy which includes a “gag order”. The gag order specifically says:
    1. Any information obtained through the role of a board member, discussions at board meetings, telephone and email communication amongst board members and staff shall be kept confidential. No information from any of these sources shall be released by any board member without the expressed prior consent of the President.”

    Clearly things must change. There must be checks and balances in place – fire alarms (to borrow from Broda’s language) that will ensure that the sprinkles go on before the house burns down to foundation.

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