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Oct 9 / Nikhita Joshi

The Employee Engagement Racket




Every employer wants to know how “happy” their employees are in the company. The new Employee Engagement┬átakes care of how to understand employees.

The Employee Engagement Racket


This can be a hard task as employees might not always be happy with the company but might lie to keep their jobs. However, the point here is that should employees know about the company or the work that they do?

In these surveys it is possible that they might ask for questions that have nothing to do with their work. Question is, do the companies really care about whether or not their employees know about their companies and their history rather than be only excellent with their work. However it is in a way necessary to gain input from your employees as to what they think of how the company is treating their customers. However how relevant are these surveys? Do they actually give the information needed? And do they actually work on these feedbacks? These surveys don’t exactly tell you the experience that each employee goes through, and can therefore lead to different feedbacks on the same thing from different employees.

I think surveys are applicable to be up to date with situations only to an extent, and some just need one on one interviews.



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