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Week 13 – Towards an Uncertain Future

The content this week gave me a sense of a conclusion of the process Latin America has gone through, however I think it would be undeniably wrong to deem the story of Latin America as “concluded”. The title itself, “Towards an Uncertain Future” implies a continuance of Latin America’s narrative, and what is up for debate is whether the current events across the continent are an omen for an improving or damaging uncertain future?

Twelve weeks ago we were asked to name a couple things we thought of when Latin America is mentioned, and according to my notes I had written laughter, colourful, and poverty. Reflecting now as to why these specific words flooded my mind, I assume I was probably greatly influenced by assumptions of what Latin America meant to external figures, such as the media and previous discussions with different people. However, as this term comes to an end and Professor Jon asks us again to associate a couple words and phrases, I was stricken at my response. 

Volatile, chain, identity. These are the words that came to mind, and if I am being honest, they are not under a positive light, in some ways they fit under disheartedness. Which drastically contrasts with what I had first thought of Latin America in the beginning of the course. As Professor Jon mentions in the video, that “learning is also unlearning”, I would suggest that though both thoughts are quite different, both are just valid as the next one since they are a result of learning. 

NEVERTHELESS, I am not saying that despair and depression is all that is left, no that’s not it at all, I still like to think that there is a possibility for a better something in the future. And having talked with latino americanos all the way from Mexico to the south in Argentina, I think that one thing most have in common is the faith that one day things will turn for the better. 


Enough of my semi-philosophical rant, quickly I’d like to refer to the mentioning in this week’s of how Presidente Hugo Chavez rewrote Venezuela’s constitution as a “reset,” and bring up how a couple of weeks ago I believe that Chile decided to create a new constitution, as the current one was written under Pinochet’s regime. And since some consider the rewriting of one as a general negative thing to do for a country, I wonder if it is the same case for Chile? (again considering how Chile’s current constitution was written under a dictatorship) 

In conclusion, this week has left me feeling melancholic.


Discussion Question: Can we guess what the future holds for Latin America based on current situations? And if so, what are they? 


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