May 14th class

Great class today – excellent presentations and discussion!  My powerpoint from today’s class can be found here:

Note that some of the links for resources we talked about today can be found from the presentation signup wiki. Other links to things that we looked at follow.

Examples of journals

Stream SFU communications grad student journal. All-volunteer. Potential for funding from grad caucus?

Partnership: the Canadian Journal of Library and Information Practice and Research open access practitioner journal, volunteer / in-kind.

Living Reviews no more static reviews that quickly become outdated?

SFU Theses one example of how open access archives have transformed access to theses. Note that this applied to grey literature in general.

Open Access Journals Support in Canada cross-country survey of university presses and libraries re: technical and actual / potential economic support for open access journals. Example of presentation made available in archive about a year (at least) before completion of writing of the first draft of an article to submit for peer review.

Houghton Studies (economic studies of the impact of switch to OA for several countries)

Full open access to articles – with library savings of 70% Imaginary Journal of Poetic Economics

Mendeley – academic reference management software. Webinar for librarians Fri. May 20 7 – 8 a.m. PST

Poincare conjecture – solved by Grigori Perelman who posted to arXiv and never published

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