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I really enjoyed silencing the past, I had thought about these things before, but after reading I thought a lot about how much of history we could never know just because there’s too much or an event doesn’t seen interesting enough. I also though about how events like the holocaust get so popularized and we remember them as the most important events, yet there are genocides in which more people have died and we don’t focus on these things and they’re forgotten or never known to some. I also thought about stories like Genesis. If this exact story were to have happened or even Kant’s version, imagine how much the facts of the story could have changed to create the modern version of the story.

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  1. Agreed–I found this week’s book very interesting too. I’m not quite sure what you’re getting at with the Genesis point though…could use a bit more filling out (as could this blog post generally–quite short!). Do you just mean that if Genesis itself were what really happened, then what might the story be like today after it gets changed over time? Of course, if Trouillot is right then Genesis itself is an alteration of what the actual historical process that occurred!

  2. About Genesis I was thinking about, if this story was real, how much differently it could be depending on who wrote the story/gave the facts/passed on the events. Also, I looked further into who wrote Genesis and found this “there is evidence that Moses took the earlier documents of Adam, Noah, Abraham Enoch Isaac, and Jacob, these documents that were passed on from one generation to the next, and put them together into one book called the BOOK OF GENESIS!” so this is one story written by multiple other stories and just like we had talked about there is selective choosing when writing history so what did Moses chose to take and leave out? This can also explain certain contradictions that people are always finding since this story is written by not only one person’s thought, sights and beliefs but 4!

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