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Sorry this blog post is mostly about me disagreeing with things.. 🙂

First of all, I admit I looked at a few blog posts before starting mine and I noticed a few people talking about female empowerment in Antigone. I disagree with this, because although Antigone did refuse to conform to Kreon’s laws, the bigger point in this play is Kreon and his superiority over everyone, including Antigone. She does completely step out of the female role to defend her brother and his rights, but she’s still exiled for disobeying which shows that man still has the higher role.

The other statement I disagreed with was the one mentioned in our lecture today that Antigone and Kreon were in the same boat, neither of them right or wrong. In my opinion, Antigone is the protagonist in this play. Like Kreon, she’s fighting for what she thinks is right. She thinks that Polyneices deserves to buried and treated with the same holiness that Eteokles is treated with, while Kreon thinks that Polyneices’ treachery makes him unfit to be buried. It’s a simple difference of opinions and each of them is valid. The only aspect that sets them apart is that Antigone is opposing the law out of pure respect for her brother, while Kreon fights out of stubbornness. He doesn’t want Antigone, a woman and a minority, to appear smarter than him, the ruler.He repeats over and over in the play that he doesn’t want to give and be beaten..he’s treating it more as a game than anything.

I did air cadets for a few years (embarrassing) and at least half of our squadron was made up of Kreons (insecure kids who tried to enforce ridiculous regulations while they could, because outside of their titles they had no power and they were derps)


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