I lurve plays

Yay last blog post!

I thought these plays were a good way to end off the semester since they were both easy and enjoyable reads.I did really enjoy Rousseau and actually had fun writing the essay even though it clearly wasn’t my best, but it was nice to have a simple, non philosophical read for a little break.

The tragedy of Henri Christophe is just another story of how too much power leads us away from our true beliefs. Although his original intentions were to free his people from the tyranny of the French, once given power he becomes that which he was trying to liberate his people from in the first place. Although one may have good intentions, power is blinding.

Reading these plays did make me understand Christophe’s life a little better and make me think that Christophe wasn’t so much of a ..meanie? which is what I originally thought while reading Kingdom of this world. I think he just made the mistake that most people with power make, which is to abuse it and in the end he suffers the same fate that people like Kreon, Macbeth and even Lois Griffin from family guy (season 5, episode 17) suffer: downfall. Most of these people wanted something good to come out of their power, but lost track of what they were truly fighting for.

Troo yo

I really enjoyed silencing the past, I had thought about these things before, but after reading I thought a lot about how much of history we could never know just because there’s too much or an event doesn’t seen interesting enough. I also though about how events like the holocaust get so popularized and we remember them as the most important events, yet there are genocides in which more people have died and we don’t focus on these things and they’re forgotten or never known to some. I also thought about stories like Genesis. If this exact story were to have happened or even Kant’s version, imagine how much the facts of the story could have changed to create the modern version of the story.