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Over the years, I have published on several intersecting subjects, in different formats and languages.

Below you will find my curated list of publications and contributions organized by primary area or topic of contribution:

    • Implementation & scale-up science
    • Digital health
    • STBBI testing & prevention
    • Online sexual health services
    • Sexual labour & stigmatization
    • Trans rights & politics
    • Feminism
    • Racial & gender politics
    • Code-switching & Chicana writing
    • Creative ethnography
    • Juvenile arthritis
    • Maternity care
    • Evaluation

Implementation & Scale-up Science

  1. [Journal article] MacKinnon, K.R., Mykhalovskiy, E., Worthington, C., Gómez-Ramírez, O., Gilbert, M., Grace, D., 2021. Pay to skip the line: The political economy of digital testing services for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. Social Science & Medicine 268, 113571.
  2. [Report] Gómez-Ramírez, O., Gilbert, M., Grace, D., 2021. Beyond initial implementation: Barriers and facilitators to the scale-up, adaptation, maintenance, and sustainability of GetCheckedOnline. Digital Sexual Health Initiative, Vancouver, BC.
  3. [Journal article] Gómez-Ramírez, O., MacKinnon, K.R., Bannar-Martin, S., Karlsson, M., Haag, D., Worthington, C., Gilbert, M., Grace, D., 2021. Caught between HIV exceptionalism and health service integration: Making visible the role of public health policy in the scale-up of novel sexual health services. Health & Place 72, 102696.
  4. [Journal article] MacKinnon, K.R., Gómez-Ramírez, O., Worthington, C., Gilbert, M., Grace, D., 2020. An institutional ethnography of political and legislative factors shaping online sexual health service implementation in Ontario, Canada. Critical Public Health.
  5. [Presentation] Gómez-Ramírez, O., MacKinnon, K., 2021. Examining contextual and health equity factors shaping the implementation of GetCheckedOnline in British Columbia and Ontario, BCCDC Grand Rounds, Vancouver, BC.

Digital Health

  1. [Journal article] Iyamu, I., Gómez-Ramírez, O., Xu, A., Chang, H.-J., Watt, S., Mckee, G., Gilbert, M., 2022. Challenges in the development of digital public health interventions and mapped solutions: Findings from a scoping review. Digital Health 8, 20552076221102255.
  2. [Journal article] Iyamu, I., Xu, A.X.T., Gómez-Ramírez, O., Ablona, A., Chang, H.-J., McKee, G., Gilbert, M., 2021. Defining digital public health and the role of digitization, digitalization and digital transformation: A scoping review. JMIR Public Health and Surveillance 7, e30399.
  3. [Journal article] Iyamu, I., Gómez-Ramírez, O., Xu, A.X.T., Chang, H.-J., Haag, D., Watt, S., Gilbert, M., 2021. Defining the scope of digital public health and its implications for policy, practice and research: Protocol for a scoping review. JMIR Research Protocols 10, e27686.
  4. [Abstract/Conference presentation] Gómez-Ramírez, O., Medeiros, P., Wainer, R., Iyamu, I., 2021. Does the “Canada COVID-19 Alert” app stand up to critical scrutiny? A rapid qualitative assessment [Abstract]. BMJ Open 11, A5.
  5. [Journal article] Gómez-Ramírez, O., Iyamu, I., Ablona, A., Xu, A.X.T., Watt, S., Chang, H.-J., Gilbert, M., 2021. On the imperative of thinking through the ethical, health equity, and social justice possibilities and limits of digital technologies in public health. Canadian Journal of Public Health 112, 412-416.

STBBI Testing & Prevention

  1. [Journal article] Ryu, H., Stewart, M., Blaque, E., Anand, P., Gómez-Ramírez, O., MacKinnon, K.R., Worthington, C., Gilbert, M., Grace, D., 2023. Disruptions of Sexually Transmitted and Blood Borne Infections Testing Services during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Accounts of Service Providers in Ontario, Canada. BMC Health Services Research 23, 29.
  2. [Journal article] Stewart, M., Ryu, H., Blaque, E., Hassan, A., Anand, P., Gómez-Ramírez, O., MacKinnon, K.R., Worthington, C., Gilbert, M., Grace, D., 2022. Cisnormativity as a structural barrier to STI testing for trans masculine, two-spirit, and non-binary people who are gay, bisexual, or have sex with men. PLOS One 17, e0277315.
  3. [Report] Zubowski, L., Goff, S., Gallard, M., Gómez-Ramírez, O., Duddy, J., 2020. Findings from PAN’S 2020 BC testing needs assessment: Enthusiasm for HIV self-testing and needs for clarifications, guidelines, and collaboration. Pacific AIDS Network, Vancouver, BC.
  4. [Abstract/Conference Presentation] Ablona, A., Grennan, T., Salway, T., Shoveller, J., Fairley, C., Krajden, M., Karlsson, M., Hiscoe, L., Bannar-Martin, S., Hoyano, D., Gómez-Ramírez, O., Chang, H.-J., Thomson, K., Haag, D., Gilbert, M., 2019. P043 Regional differences in STI testing barriers among online testers in British Columbia, Canada [Abstract]. Sexually Transmitted Infections 95, A97.

 Online Sexual Health Services

  1. [Journal article] Watt, S., Salway, T., Gómez-Ramírez, O., Ablona, A., Barton, L., Chang, H.-J., Pedersen, H., Haag, D., LeMoult, J., Gilbert, M., 2022. Rumination, risk, and response: A qualitative analysis of sexual health anxiety among online sexual health chat service users. Sexual Health 19, 182-191.
  2. [Journal article] Ablona, A., Falasinnu, T., Irvine, M., Escourt, C., Flowers, P., Murti, M., Gómez-Ramírez, O., Fairley, C., Mishra, S., Burchell, A., Grennan, T., Gilbert, M., 2021. Validation of a clinical prediction rule to predict asymptomatic chlamydia and gonorrhoea infections among internet-based testers. Sexually Transmitted Diseases 48, 481-487.
  3. [Blog entry] Gómez-Ramírez, O., Chang, H.-J., 2021. HIV/STI risk calculators: What do online users want?, SmartSexResource Blog. British Columbia Centre for Disease Control, Vancouver, BC.
  4. [Blog entry] Gómez-Ramírez, O., Chang, H.-J., 2021. What do online users want from HIV/STI risk calculators?, CATIE Blog. Canada’s source for HIV and hepatitis C information, Toronto, ON.
  5. [Journal article] Gómez-Ramírez, O., Thomson, K., Salway, T., Haag, D., Falasinnu, T., Grennan, T., Grace, D., Gilbert, M., 2020. “Mini dial-a-nurses” and “good brands”: What are the desirable features of online HIV/STI risk calculators? AIDS Education & Prevention 32, 528-542.

Sexual Labour & Stigmatization

  1. [Book review] Gómez-Ramírez, O., 2019. Review of Policing the Sex Industry: Protection, Paternalism and Politics, edited by Teela Sanders and Mary Laing. Sexualities 22, 1146-1148.
  2. [Dissertation] Gómez-Ramírez, O., 2018. “We are trans women”: On-street sex work and transgender politics in Mexico City, Anthropology. University of British Columbia, Vancouver.
  3. [Journal article] Ross, B., Gómez-Ramírez, O., 2014. Extinguishing the “temptation of monetary inducements”: The state regulation and stigmatization of adult entertainment recruiters on post-secondary campuses in British Columbia. Canadian Theatre Review 158, 39-43.
  4. [Thesis] Gómez-Ramírez, O., 2007. Swinging around the pole: Sexuality, fitness, and stripper stigma in erotic dancing classes, Anthropology. University of British Columbia, Vancouver.

Trans Rights & Politics

  1. [Journal article] Gómez-Ramírez, O., García, F., 2012. Vivencias de las mujeres trans: Base para la formulación de políticas públicas [Trans Women’s Experiences: The Basis to Formulate Public Policies]. Género y Salud en Cifras 10, 69-76.
  2. [Abstract/Conference presentation] Gómez-Ramírez, O., 2012. The debates over Mexico City’s HIV/AIDS clinic: Socio-political implications for HIV prevention, treatment and comprehensive health care for transgender sex workers [Abstract]. Journal of the International AIDS Society 15, 207-208.
  3. [Magazine article] García, F., Gómez-Ramírez, O., 2011. Mujeres trans: discriminación y derechos humanos. [Trans Women: Discrimination and Human Rights], DFensor: Revista de derechos humanos, pp. 61-64.
  4. [Abstract/Conference presentation] Gómez-Ramírez, O., 2011. The struggle for legal citizenship among trans women in Mexico City [Abstract]. Culture, Health & Sexuality 13, S94.


  1. [Journal article] Gómez-Ramírez, O., Reyes Cruz, L.V., 2008. Las jóvenes y el feminismo: ¿Indiferencia o compromiso? [Young Women and Feminism: Indifference or Commitment?]. Revista Estudos Feministas 16, 387-408.
  2. [Blog entry] Gómez-Ramírez, O., 2008. Más allá de la lectura solitaria y las paredes del aula [Beyond Lonely Reading and Classroom Walls], MujeresNet: Información social y periodística con perspectiva de género, Mexico City.
  3. [Book chapter] Gómez-Ramírez, O., 2005. Mujer antropóloga en el campo: un primer acercamiento reflexivo y personal [Woman Anthropologist in the Field: A First Personal and Reflexive Approach] in: Sámano, D. (Ed.), X Coloquio de la Experiencia de Campo: Edición Conmemorativa de los 25 años de la Licenciatura en Etnología 1979-2004. Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia, Escuela Nacional de Antropología e Historia, Mexico, pp. 98-107.
  4. [Magazine article] Gómez-Ramírez, O., 2004. Así me volví feminista [How I Became a Feminist], Las Genaras: Mujeres, Género y Feminismo, Mexico City, pp. 33-34.

Racial & Gender Politics

  1. [Journal article] Gómez-Ramírez, O., 2016. Coping with colonialism: Services for aboriginal women in Prince Rupert, British Columbia. New Proposals: Journal of Marxism and Interdisciplinary Inquiry 8, 41-64.
  2. [Book review] Gómez-Ramírez, O., Zheng, T., 2012. Review of Gender Violence at the U.S.-Mexico Border: Media Representation and Public Response, edited by Héctor Domínguez-Ruvalcaba and Ignacio Corona. Wagadu: A Journal of Transnational Women’s and Gender Studies 10.
  3. [Journal article] Gómez-Ramírez, O., 2011. Reflection 5: Racial and gender politics in collaborative service learning. Collaborative Anthropologies 4, 224-234.
  4. [Magazine article] Gómez-Ramírez, O., 2010. Accents, exclusion and belonging, The Ubyssey, Vancouver, p. 7.
  5. [Magazine article] Gómez-Ramírez, O., 2008. My journey home o de cuán difícil fue regresar a casa [My Journey Home or How Difficult Coming Back Home Was], Revista Opción, Mexico City, pp. 98-105.
  6. [Magazine article] Gómez-Ramírez, O., 2006. Mujeres de las Naciones Originarias en la Carretera de las Lágrimas [First Nations Women in the Highway of Tears], Las Genaras: Mujeres, Género y Feminismo, Mexico City, pp. 29-32.

Code-switching & Chicana Writing

  1. [Book chapter] Gómez-Ramírez, O., 2007. Marina, la andariega chicana de Paletitas de guayaba [Marina: The Wanderer Chicana of Paletitas de Guayaba], in: Chalé, P.J., Várguez Pasos, L.A. (Eds.), Sociedad y cultura: las múltiples caras de sus fronteras. Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán, Arizona State University, Mexico, pp. 459-468.
  2. [Journal article] Gómez-Ramírez, O., 2003. La influencia del inglés en textos literarios de la frontera México-Estadounidense [The Influence of English on Mexico-US Border Literature]. Fuentes Humanísticas 15, 93-101.

Creative Ethnography

  1. [Journal article] Gómez-Ramírez, O., 2020. People watching and (not) playing Keno. Practicing Anthropology 42, 25-26.
  2. [Journal article] Gómez-Ramírez, O., 2019. Beloved Monster: Ethnographies of Mexico City. Irish Journal of Anthropology 22, 161-169.

Juvenile Arthritis

  1. [Journal article] Gómez-Ramírez, O., Gibbon, M., Berard, R.A., Jurencak, R., Green, J., Tucker, L.B., Shiff, N.J., Guzman, J., 2016. A recurring rollercoaster ride: A qualitative study of the emotional experiences of parents of children with juvenile idiopathic arthritis. Pediatric Rheumatology 14, 13.
  2. [Journal article] Guzman, J., Gómez-Ramírez, O., Jurencak, R., Shiff, N.J., Berard, R.A., Duffy, C.M., Oen, K., Petty, R.E., Benseler, S.M., Brant, R., Tucker, L.B., 2014. What matters most for patients, parents, and clinicians in the course of juvenile idiopathic arthritis? A qualitative study. Journal of Rheumatology 41, 2260-2269.

Maternity Care

  1. [Journal article] Hearns, G., Klein, M.C., Trousdale, W., Ulrich, C., Butcher, D., Miewald, C., Lindstrom, R., Eftekhary, S., Rosinski, J., Gómez-Ramírez, O., Procyk, A., 2010. Development of a support tool for complex decision-making in the provision of rural maternity care. Healthcare Policy 5, 82-96.


  1. [Book review] Gómez-Ramírez, O., 2020. Review of Evaluation Failures: 22 Tales of Mistakes Made and Lessons Learned, edited by Kylie Hutchinson. Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation 35.
Last updated: November 29, 2022.