The list of publications is organized by a) Journal Articles, b) Conference Abstracts, c) Book Reviews, d) Book Chapters, e) Reports, f) Knowledge Translation, and g) Creative Non-fiction

Journal Articles

  1. Gómez-Ramírez O, Thomson K, Salway T, Haag D, Falasinnu T, Grennan T, Grace D, Gilbert M. “Mini dial-a-nurses” and “good brands”: What are the desirable features of online HIV/STI risk calculators? AIDS Education & Prevention. 2020;32(6):528-42. doi:10.1521/aeap.2020.32.6.528
  2. MacKinnon KR, Mykhalovskiy E, Worthington C, Gómez-Ramírez O, Gilbert M, Grace D. Pay to skip the line: The political economy of digital testing services for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. Social Science & Medicine. 2020;268. doi:10.1016/j.socscimed.2020.113571
  3. MacKinnon KR, Gómez-Ramírez O, Worthington C, Gilbert M, Grace D. An institutional ethnography of political and legislative factors shaping online sexual health service implementation in Ontario, Canada. Critical Public Health. 2020. doi:10.1080/09581596.2020.1854182
  4. Ablona A, Falasinnu T, Irvine M, Escourt C, Flowers P, Murti M, Gómez-Ramírez O, Fairley C, Mishra S, Burchell A, Grennan T, Gilbert M. Validation of a clinical prediction rule to predict asymptomatic chlamydia and gonorrhoea infections among internet-based testers. Sexually Transmitted Diseases. 2020. doi:10.1097/OLQ.0000000000001340
  5. Gómez-Ramírez O. Beloved Monster: Ethnographies of Mexico City. Irish Journal of Anthropology. 2019;22(1):161-9.
  6. Gómez-Ramírez O. Coping with colonialism: Services for aboriginal women in Prince Rupert, British Columbia. New Proposals: Journal of Marxism and Interdisciplinary Inquiry. 2016;8(1):41-64.
  7. Gómez-Ramírez O, Gibbon M, Berard RA, Jurencak R, Green J, Tucker LB, Shiff NJ, Guzman J. A recurring rollercoaster Ride: A qualitative study of the emotional experiences of parents of children with juvenile idiopathic arthritis. Pediatric Rheumatology. 2016;14(1):13. doi:10.1186/s12969-016-0073-9
  8. Guzman J, Gómez-Ramírez O, Jurencak R, Shiff NJ, Berard RA, Duffy CM, Oen K, Petty RE, Benseler SM, Brant R, Tucker LB. What matters most for patients, parents, and clinicians in the course of juvenile idiopathic arthritis? A qualitative study. Journal of Rheumatology. 2014;41(11):2260-9. doi:10.3899/jrheum.131536
  9. Ross B, Gómez-Ramírez O. Extinguishing the “temptation of monetary inducements”: The state regulation and stigmatization of adult entertainment recruiters on post-secondary campuses in British Columbia. Canadian Theatre Review. 2014;158:39-43. doi:10.3138/ctr.158.008
  10. Gómez-Ramírez O, García F. Vivencias de las mujeres trans: base para la formulación de políticas públicas [Trans Women’s Experiences: The Basis to Formulate Public Policies]. Género y Salud en Cifras. 2012;10(2-3):69-76.
  11. Gómez-Ramírez O. Reflection 5: Racial and gender politics in collaborative service learning. Collaborative Anthropologies. 2011;4:224-34. doi:10.1353/cla.2011.0021
  12. Hearns G, Klein MC, Trousdale W, Ulrich C, Butcher D, Miewald C, Lindstrom R, Eftekhary S, Rosinski J, Gómez-Ramírez O, Procyk A. Development of a support tool for complex decision-making in the provision of rural maternity care. Healthcare Policy. 2010;5(3):82-96. doi:10.12927/hcpol.2013.21641
  13. Gómez-Ramírez O, Reyes Cruz LV. Las jóvenes y el feminismo: ¿Indiferencia o compromiso? [Young Women and Feminism: Indifference or Commitment?]. Revista Estudos Feministas. 2008;16(2):387-408. doi:10.1590/S0104-026X2008000200005
    • Reprinted in: Debate Feminista. 2010 [2008];21(41):43-63.
  14. Gómez-Ramírez O. La influencia del inglés en textos literarios de la frontera México-Estadounidense [The Influence of English on Mexico-US Border Literature]. Fuentes Humanísticas. 2003;15(27):93-101.

Conference Abstracts

  1. Ablona A, Falasinnu T, Irvine M, Haag D, Chang H-J, Mishra S, Burchell A, Fairley C, Lachowsky N, Flowers P, Estcourt C, Murti M, Gómez-Ramírez O, Krajden M, Grennan T, Gilbert M. P014 Validating a clinical prediction rule for chlamydia and gonorrhea infection among online testers in British Columbia, Canada [Abstract]. Sexually Transmitted Infections. 2019;95(1 Suppl):A87. doi:10.1136/sextrans-2019-sti.223
  2. Ablona A, Grennan T, Salway T, Shoveller J, Fairley C, Krajden M, Karlsson M, Hiscoe L, Bannar-Martin S, Hoyano D, Gómez-Ramírez O, Chang H-J, Thomson K, Haag D, Gilbert M. P043 Regional differences in STI testing barriers among online testers in British Columbia, Canada [Abstract]. Sexually Transmitted Infections. 2019;95(1 Suppl):A97. doi:10.1136/sextrans-2019-sti.248
  3. Gómez-Ramírez O, Gibbon M, Berard RA, Jurencak R, Green J, Benseler SM, Duffy CM, Tucker LB, Petty RE, Shiff NJ, Oen K, Brant R, Guzman J. A96: The roller coaster of juvenile idiopathic arthritis: A qualitative examination of parents’ emotional responses to the disease and its management [Abstract]. Arthritis & Rheumatology. 2014;66(3 Suppl):S131. doi:10.1002/art.38513
  4. Guzman J, Gómez-Ramírez O, Benseler SM, Berard RA, Brant R, Duffy CM, Jurencak R, Oen K, Petty RE, Shiff NJ, Tucker LB. What is the relative priority of the ACR pediatric core set measures for youth with juvenile idiopathic arthritis and their parents? [Abstract]. Arthritis & Rheumatism. 2013;65(10 Suppl):S119-S20. doi:10.1002/art.38216
  5. Gómez-Ramírez O. The struggle for legal citizenship among trans women in Mexico City [Abstract]. Culture, Health & Sexuality. 2011;13(1 Suppl):S94. doi:10.1080/13691058.2011.581863
  6. Gómez-Ramírez O. The debates over Mexico City’s HIV/AIDS clinic: Socio-political implications for HIV prevention, treatment and comprehensive health care for transgender sex workers [Abstract]. Journal of the International AIDS Society. 2012;15(3 Suppl):207-8. doi:10.7448/IAS.15.5.18443

Book Reviews

  1. Gómez-Ramírez O. Review of Evaluation Failures: 22 Tales of Mistakes Made and Lessons Learned, edited by Kylie Hutchinson. Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation. 2020;35(1). doi:10.3138/cjpe.69030
  2. Gómez-Ramírez O. Review of Policing the Sex Industry: Protection, Paternalism and Politics, edited by Teela Sanders and Mary Laing. Sexualities. 2019;22(7-8):1146-8. doi:10.1177/1363460719830305
  3. Gómez-Ramírez O, Zheng T. Review of Gender Violence at the U.S.-Mexico Border: Media Representation and Public Response, edited by Héctor Domínguez-Ruvalcaba and Ignacio Corona. Wagadu: A Journal of Transnational Women’s and Gender Studies. 2012;10.

Book Chapters

  1. Gómez-Ramírez O. Marina, la andariega chicana de Paletitas de guayaba [Marina: The Wanderer Chicana of Paletitas de Guayaba]. In: Chalé PJ, Várguez Pasos LA, editors. Sociedad y cultura: las múltiples caras de sus fronteras. Mexico: Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán, Arizona State University; 2007. p. 459-68.
  2. Gómez-Ramírez O. Mujer antropóloga en el campo: un primer acercamiento reflexivo y personal [Woman Anthropologist in the Field: A First Personal and Reflexive Approach] In: Sámano D, editor. X Coloquio de la Experiencia de Campo: Edición Conmemorativa de los 25 años de la Licenciatura en Etnología 1979-2004. Mexico: Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia, Escuela Nacional de Antropología e Historia; 2005. p. 98-107.


  1. Zubowski L, Goff S, Gallard M, Gómez-Ramírez O, Duddy J. Findings from PAN’S 2020 BC testing needs assessment: Enthusiasm for HIV self-testing and needs for clarifications, guidelines, and collaboration. Vancouver, BC: Pacific AIDS Network; 2020.

Knowledge Translation

  1. Gómez-Ramírez O, Chang H-J. What do online users want from HIV/STI risk calculators? CATIE Blog. 2021 January 11.
  2. Gómez-Ramírez O. What is implementation science? [Webinar]. GetCheckedOnline Webinar Series: CIHR-funded GCO Implementation Science Team; 2019. April 16.
  3. Gómez-Ramírez O, Gilbert M. Investigating intersections of mental health, hep C, HIV, and STBBIs [Webinar]. Universities Without Walls HIV/AIDS Training Program: CIHR Centre for REACH in HIV/AIDS and CBR Collaborative; 2019. March 25.
  4. Gómez-Ramírez O. Trans rights in Mexico and Canada: The geopolitics of privilege. Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences Blog. 2012 January 24.
    • Reprinted in: Beyond the Queer Alphabet: Conversations on Gender, Sexuality & Intersectionality [Internet]. Canada: Teaching Equity Matters E-Book Series, Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences; [42-4].
  5. García F, Gómez-Ramírez O. Mujeres trans: discriminación y derechos humanos. [Trans Women: Discrimination and Human Rights]. DFensor: Revista de derechos humanos. 2011 November:61-4.
  6. Gómez-Ramírez O. El estigma de la puta [Whore Stigma]. MujeresNet: Información social y periodística con perspectiva de género. 2011 July/August.
  7. de la Cruz Domínguez I, Ruiz M. Interview on sex work among trans women in Mexico City with Oralia Gómez-Ramírez and sex workers. Programa Matices de Mujer. Mexico City, Mexico: ABC Radio 760AM; 2011. June 5.
  8. Gómez-Ramírez O. ¿Qué es la transfobia? [What Is Transphobia?]. MujeresNet: Información social y periodística con perspectiva de género. 2011 May.
  9. de la Cruz Domínguez I. Interview on transgender populations and rights in Mexico with Oralia Gómez-Ramírez. Programa Matices de Mujer. Mexico City, Mexico: ABC Radio 760AM; 2011. April 16.
  10. Gómez-Ramírez O. Mujeres de las Naciones Originarias en la Carretera de las Lágrimas [First Nations Women in the Highway of Tears]. Las Genaras: Mujeres, Género y Feminismo. 2006:29-32.
  11. Fox S. Students put North Coast life under the microscope [Text Interview]. Daily News. Prince Rupert. 2006 July 6.

Creative Non-Fiction

  1. Gómez-Ramírez O. People Watching and (Not) Playing Keno. Practicing Anthropology. 2020;42(4):25-6. doi:10.17730/0888-4552.42.4.25
  2. Gómez-Ramírez O. Accents, Exclusion and Belonging. The Ubyssey. 2010 March 15:7.
  3. Gómez-Ramírez O. Más allá de la lectura solitaria y las paredes del aula [Beyond Lonely Reading and Classroom Walls]. MujeresNet: Información social y periodística con perspectiva de género. 2008 November.
  4. Gómez-Ramírez O. My Journey Home o de cuán difícil fue regresar a casa [My Journey Home or How Difficult Coming Back Home Was]. Revista Opción. 2008:98-105.
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  6. Gómez-Ramírez O. Así me volví feminista [How I Became a Feminist]. Las Genaras: Mujeres, Género y Feminismo. 2004:33-4.
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