This site visit was the teams first of the Fall 2017 Term. This visit only had two of our team members heading out and collecting scans. This included our new Co-op student, Sarah accompanied by Sharon who had been on numerous visits over the summer. This Museum is primarily run by volunteers and is located in a building that shares space with the Okanagan Regional Library.

The focus of the visit was on capturing the Centennial collection which was collected throughout the community with the museum asking individuals to come forward with their photographs of the area, the museum then captured these while obtaining as much information about the subjects of the photographs. Using the equipment brought along, the team was able to use the negatives that the Museum provided. They also were given a small tour of the town by Gordon Mackie, a prominent figure in the town, serving as mayor and working with the ferry service in the past.

In addition to the work done at the Museum Sharon and Sarah were graciously set up with accommodation at the Artists House Heritage B&B. Over the course of the three days in Sicamous, Sharon and Sarah took in the incredible history of Sicamous and the Shuswap Lake area. This included multiple trips to the D Dairy¬† Dutchmen to enjoy an after work snack of ice cream and going to the homey comfortable Grandma and Grandpa’s restaurant most days.

The trip was an overall success with 530 scans captured and even more migrated from the museums computer. The collections give a unique look at the life and work in this area over the last hundred plus years.