Digitized Okanagan History is fortunate to have a fantastic team working together to enhance access to Okanagan historical materials. Thanks to the support of a generous private donor, we currently employ three undergraduate and one graduate student. Leadership on the project is provided by UBC library staff members. If you are a student interested in working with D.O.H., please contact Paige Hohmann.

Allison Jones, Graduate Project Assistant

Allison is a library and archival studies student at UBC Vancouver interested in local history, community archives, and Indigenous knowledge organizations. Allison is working on improving our understanding of how users interact with the Digitized Okanagan History repository and is developing a communications and outreach plan for the project. Allison can be reached at allison.jones@ubc.ca. Read more about Allison.

Chris Hives, University Archivist

Chris is the University of British Columbia Archivist and has extensive experience with archival network development and digitization projects. He, along with UBCO Chief Librarian Heather Berringer, created the D.O.H. project and since July 2017 he has jointly overseen the development of the initiative with Paige Hohmann. Chris can be reached at chris.hives@ubc.ca.

Eamon Riordan-Short, Undergraduate Digitization Assistant

Eamon is a biology student at UBC Okanagan and our resident Photoshop expert. He has worked with the project since May 2017, and during that time has optimized our photo editing processes, enabling us to share thousands of photos and documents with the world. Read more about Eamon.

Edmund Nilson, Undergraduate Digitization Assistant

Edmund going into his second year at UBC in Vancouver, where he is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts. He joined the project in July 2018 and is currently working on digitizing collections from the Osoyoos and District Museum and Archives. Read more about Edmund.

Emma Smith, Undergraduate Digitization Assistant

Emma is a psychology student at UBC Okanagan with a fantastic eye for detail. She has worked with the project since May 2017, editing photos and helping prepare the metadata about digitized objects, which ultimately provides context to what you will find in the Digitized Okanagan History repository online. Read more about Emma.

Paige Hohmann, Archivist, Records Manager, Special Collections Librarian

Paige oversees the operational aspects of this project and supervises the student team. She is responsible for UBC Okanagan’s Special Collections and Archives, alongside her other duties at the university. Paige can be reached at paige.hohmann@ubc.ca.

Sharon Hanna, Undergraduate Digital Assets and Technology Assistant

Sharon is a computer science student at UBC Okanagan, with prior education in History and Library Science. Since May 2017 she has been our data wrangler, and always finds a way to migrate the data we need across databases and formats so that it can be uploaded into our Digitized Okanagan History repository. She also helps with the configuration and management of the Digitized Okanagan History Arca repositoryRead more about Sharon.