I’m an undergrad entering my second year as a Psychology¬†major. I’m enjoying taking a variety of courses,¬†mainly concentrated in the social sciences, with the goal of going into education and/or research.

I’ve also, in no small part due to this project, been looking into a career as a librarian!

My specialties for this project are metadata and graphic design. I perform both editing and basic metadata for the files we scan, but I prefer the spreadsheet manipulation and the structured, almost menial tasks on the metadata side of things. I also have a bad habit of picking up graphic design resources online, so I’ve more recently volunteered to help out with branding and other design needs for the project.

I’m also on the autism spectrum, and have found this job to be very well suited to some of the challenges I face. I work with a small, friendly team; I perform tasks with clear end goals and specific steps; I can travel around the Okanagan with the structure of a job; and I can indulge a special interest in libraries and museums.

I’ll be continuing my work part-time into the 2017-2018 school year. I’m looking forward to working with files from more collections and gaining more work experience!