Summerland was our third site visit and first overnight trip. It also happens to be Sharon’s hometown!

We worked in the back room of the Summerland Museum and Heritage Society, surrounded by boxes of archived materials. We quickly got to work on the pre-selected photographs, which came with measurements and plenty of information ready to be plugged into our metadata spreadsheets.¬†Also in the collection was a Women’s Institute minute book, which Alex took to scanning using our Xcanex portable scanner. We captured over 500 original scans during the course of our visit.

While Sharon was able to easily make her way home, Alex and I stayed overnight at the home of the Summerland Museum’s archivist in Penticton. We enjoyed a couple of meals at downtown restaurants and an evening walk by the water. We even spotted the SS Sicamous, which I recognized from several photos we had scanned earlier, now converted into a museum and permanently docked on Penticton’s shore. It was a great little moment of seeing history come to life!

As per what quickly became my tradition, I also picked up several souvenirs from Summerland. I was happy to find that there was a branch of the Okanagan Regional Library just a hop away from the museum, and I picked up as many books as my travelling messenger bag could handle. Pictured here are the ones yet to be returned!