The strategy behind League of Legends

In Philip Wong’s blog post, “Focusing on the Consumers”, he explains how Riot Games, the company behind the online game League of Legends, creates an unrivaled consumers experience by “constantly updating and revitalizing the game, forming close relationships with players with their forums and promotional events.” As one of the most played and fastest rising video games on the planet, it is clear that League of Legends’ superiority in the online, “Freemium” game industry, can be credited to the structure and strategy that Riot has built into the core of this game. To further expand on Wong’s post, I believe the success of League of Legends lies directly with one of Michael Porter’s generic strategies – the industry wide differentiation strategy.

Photo by St. Louis Post Dispatch

Photo by St. Louis Post Dispatch

As evident in League of Legends’ wide variety of characters, gameplay modes, and multiplayer options, Riot has unquestionably targeted the entire industry with their game. With no specific skill, state-of-the-art computer, or cost required to begin playing the game, nearly anyone can get hooked to the unique playing experience, whether or not you are a fan of video games. The way that Riot has mastered the immersive component of its game by demanding vigorous teamwork and coordination between friends or quite often strangers in order to succeed, also adds to the key factors that differentiates League of Legends from its competitors.



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