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Comments on Vancouver councillor Andrea Reimer’s assessment of the Metro Vancouver Regional Growth Strategy

It’s only week 3, but we are beginning to explore the underlying theories of the policy process. As we move through the process, it’s important to remember that public policy has many facets. There are a myriad of policy objectives, fiscal constraints, power asymmetries and conflicting values in every public policy decision.

Decisions that affect us include urban growth and industrial expansion. Recently, Vancouver Councillor Andrea Reimer published her views on the Metro Vancouver Regional Growth Strategy. I urge you to read them, and then come back to this blog post and share your views.

I will be talking with Councillor Reimer about this and other public policy issues of interest to our course soon and will keep you posted.

3 Responses to Comments on Vancouver councillor Andrea Reimer’s assessment of the Metro Vancouver Regional Growth Strategy

  1. Frankie

    I found it interesting how Reimer noted the problematic issue of jurisdiction in her article. Althought the “oldtimers” scoff at her dreaming, I agree with her that as cities like Vancouver and Toronto continue to grow and command an ever expanding influence in their respective provinces a time will come where the provincial government will be responding directly to their policy concerns instead of the other way around. This article also was interesting to read after we have just covered geographical policy in class. Although the notion of urban sprawl is without a doubt something to be keenly aware of, even in her article you get the sense that it is mentioned almost as an after thought, and as an issue that she doesn’t quite understand as she see’s it as something that is constantly being addressed.

  2. Jennifer Seong

    I find this is a very interesting post. I strongly agree with Councillor Reimer on her views against the criticisms — in my opinion, Metro Vancouver is putting a huge effort to regional planning, and it is trying hard to communicate with its citizens and community in order to give the better, and more convenient life style. Also, I think it is important to find a middle ground between the Metro Vancouver council and Translink, and be careful not to give too much power to one side, and aim to provide eco-friendly and convenient transportation service to the people. It would be nice to see Metro Vancouver keep putting efforts to ameliorate our city.

  3. Touran

    Councillor Andrea Reimer’s assessment of the Regional Growth Strategy illustrates a number of issues in public policy agenda setting and implementation. It illustrates the difficulties of power sharing as seen through the often antagonistic relationship between the public, Metro Vancouver Directors, and the Regional Planning committee. While disagreements can make more effective and comprehensive policies, they can equally stifle their implementation if consensus cannot be made. Reimer’s outlook is correct in that the system is the one we have and thus, it is necessary to the best job possible within the given structure. In terms of the two criticisms that have been made, public consultation is important but only if what is heard is actually implemented into the policy. I sympathize with the public in that what is said at these meetings is heard but not always employed, which is frustrating. The second criticism about urban sprawl is especially crucial since it has major influences on other sectors of society such as employment and transportation that need to be considered. Overall, Councillor Reimer makes apparent the need for parties to work together in order for the Regional Growth Strategy policy to be successfully implemented.

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