Conference Presentation Practice

MERM students organized a conference presentation practice event. Three speakers will present their research on the application of mixed models in psychometrics. If you are interested in tthis event, please sign up here. (Note. If you are interested in practicing your conference presentation, we will be able to accommodate one more speaker. You can indicate this in the signing up sheet before April 1.)

Time: 12:30-14:30 pm, April 4, 2017 (Wednesday)
Location: Education Library Block Room 278

Discussant: Dr. Amery Wu, Assistant Professor, MERM

Titles and Presenters:

Are Test-takers’ Reflection of Test-taking Processes Predictive of Their Performance on a Listening Test?
Michelle Y. Chen, Psychometrian, Paragon Testing Enterprises
IRT Tree Models to Examine Positional Response Bias in 4-choice MC Items: A Case of TIMSS Grade 4 Mathematics
Lok Heng Chau, MA student, MERM
Item Response Tree Models to Investigate Acquiescence and Extreme Response Styles in Likert-type Rating Scales: An Example Using Rosenberg’s Self-esteem Scale
Minjeong Park, PhD student, MERM