November 2017, Research Talk

Time: 11am-12:10pm, November 9, 2017 (Thursday)
Location: Scarfe Library Block Room 278
Moderator: Dr. Amery Wu (Assistant Professor, MERM, ECPS)
Speakers:  Dr. Sterett Mercer (Associate Professor, School Psychology, ECPS)

Dr. Mercer’s talk is based on two of his papers. One of his papers is attached here and his PowerPoint presentation is attached here. He will discuss a variety of analytical and psychometric issues:

  • Introduce curriculum-based measurement (CBM) as a framework for identifying and monitoring progress for students at-risk for academic difficulties;
  • Present findings based on generalizability theory to discuss challenges in writing assessment, namely the number of writing samples needed for reliable estimates of student skill level and skill growth.
  • Present recent work using automated text evaluation within an applied predictive modeling (machine learning) framework that has the potential to improve reliability and validity of written expression CBM, while also greatly improving its feasibility for use by teachers.

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