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Note-taking ?

As my mid-terms finally start (and hopefully end) I have come to understand why there are so many note-taking workshops. I thought it would be funny to share with you sample notes from two of my classes. The first one … Continue reading

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Bridge to a Cool Planet

  This Saturday, October 24th, thousands of people are joining more than 4000 events in 169 countries to create awareness about global climate change.  Students in history have united and CHANGED THE WORLD with their demonstrations. They have spoken out. … Continue reading

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Morgan’s post reminded me that I haven’t posted anything about the trees even though I’m amazed by them every day. In Guatemala we have rainy season and not-rainy season, pretty straightforward. So here is a small thing that I wrote in my notebook … Continue reading

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apple festival

Have you been to the botanical gardens? they are super beautiful, I went today and I felt that I wasn’t in UBC anymore (not that UBC isn’t beautiful)… if you want to go, you should go this sunday… why? the … Continue reading

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What is I.Blogs? well… you know how I.House is International House? I.Blogs from now on will be International Blogs (in my blog). I will be searching the web for blogs that can give us UBC students a good idea of … Continue reading

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This is my voice

I feel that I have been too mean to my Creative Writing class, so here is a great video that our prof. showed us yesterday. It’s This Is My Voice by Shane Koyczan. [youtube][/youtube]

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If you don’t have midterms…

you have essays! I have noticed that most of my friends are already in midterms, and wondering why I’m not freaking out about them yet I decided that I had probably forgotten to write down the dates and was going … Continue reading

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music me?

At home I didn’t really listen to music, just what my sister listened to. Now, to remind me of her I keep playing some of it, even if I don’t get most of it (it’s in french and portuguese) :) … Continue reading

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