3 Finals, 1 Term Paper and 8 Days…

…until I go home!!

I’m attempting to study in Koerner’s 1st floor, but all that I seem to concentrate on is whether or not this can be considered an  underground floor… Any ideas?

Anyway, I think that a short summary of my courses this term may help people who are still deciding which ones to take next term…

GEOG 121 – Interesting material but quite general. The readings were OK, with the exception of two that were too long and too boring. The professor was good and was always trying to make the lectures interesting. The midterm was not that hard if you went to class and there was only one essay. Overall it was what I expected it to be and I learnt some new stuff even if it was mostly material that I had already covered. I give it 8 out of 10.

LAST 100 – Very interesting, possibly my favorite course this term. This course took a very different approach on Latin American studies from what I was used to. I liked the fact that we covered many different themes, events and social movements. It should be a two term course. I’m not a fan of one of the professors though. Don’t take it if you don’t like writing essays because that’s how the class is graded as there are no midterm and final exams. 9.

CRWR 202 – Take this course if you want to learn a little about different styles of writing, not if you want to actually write and improve your skills as a writer. Unfortunately that’s what I wanted, and I didn’t find the professor as funny as he thought he was. It’s an easy grade. 6.

ANTH 100 – The material covered was very interesting, but I feel that the class was too big (and too early) for the professor to be able to inspire students. The readings were interesting and the assignments weren’t too hard if you did them with time. I’ve heard Gordillo teaches the same class with much better results. 7.

RELG 100 – Super, super interesting. Absolutely recommend this class if you want to learn about religion. It’s a big commitment because it’s all about the lectures, which aren’t on Vista, so if you miss one you miss a lot of material. We didn’t have a midterm so the material for the final is A LOT. Not an easy grade. The professor is very engaging and definitely knows what she’s talking about, but she doesn’t seem to have a lot of time to talk with students outside of class which was a big disappointment. Excursions to temples included delicious lunches! 9.

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2 Responses to 3 Finals, 1 Term Paper and 8 Days…

  1. Rhonette says:

    I’m trying to choose between Anthropology 100 and Geography 122. Since you’ve taken both courses, could you give me some advice? I just can’t seem to pick!

    Which one did you prefer? Which one had a heavier workload? Is one “easier” than the other?

  2. Valentina says:


    mmm I really enjoyed GEOG 122 (but I´m a geography major) and had a hard time staying awake in ANTH 100 (it was at 8 though!) I would say it depends on the prof…

    personally, go for GEOG… objectively check out ratemyprof to get a good idea of what the class is like :)

    ps. If you decide to take anth don´t do it with sonia!

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