Protesting the Olympic Games

Yesterday I was amongst the thousands of people that took the streets of Vancouver to protest the olympic games. I have to say that it was beautifully inspiring.

Unlike this morning’s protest, yesterday’s was a peaceful demonstration, there was music, dancing and a lot of energy all around. People were really making their voices heard. Amongst the many things that we were calling attention to were the Tar Sands, Russia 2014, homelessness and the lie of the green games.

As I danced and screamed with the crowd I couldn’t stop thinking “this is what all those great student movements in Latin America must have looked and felt like.” Movements that protected human rights, defied dictators and spoke out against genocides. Movements that changed our history.

All those people who got informed and decided to speak out and to show the world the “dark” side of the olympics have all my respect. I don’t think that there is anything worth more than the belief in change. The hope.

I have hope in ethically correct olympic games and I will keep going out to the protests these two weeks to be proactive about what I feel is right.

How about you?

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I'm from a small and beautiful town next to a big and amazing lake in Guatemala.
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  1. Greg Salloum says:

    Keep up bringing awareness to the masses. Isn’t it great not being fired upon with bullets or tear gas!

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