Hi prospective UBC Arts student!

“May I speak with ____ please?

Hi ____ ! This is Valentina calling from the University of British Columbia, I’m a student in the faculty of Arts and I’m calling to congratulate you on being accepted to UBC!”

If you are an international student accepted in Arts you may be getting one of these phone calls!

And, it might be me!! Please be nice and ask me questions that I know the answer to! : )

Now, seriously, I’ve been calling prospective students from all over the world and it’s awesome to see how excited people are about coming to UBC! It reminds me of when I was waiting to come… and now I’ve been here a year. It seems so long but so short at the same time, crazy.

By the way, does any one know what’s happening with the facebook group? Our group had so many people and soooo many discussion groups.


Honestly, I hope that you do come to UBC because it’s awesome and amazing and it has nice libraries and great, great people : ). And you get used to the rain ; ).

About Valentina

I'm from a small and beautiful town next to a big and amazing lake in Guatemala.
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  1. Ella says:

    Hi Valentina,
    We’ve had some good conversations happening over on our facebook page (linked above). It’s facilitated by UBC Staff, and we are working on getting some current students on as well to answer questions! If you are interested in taking part, send me an email and we can chat some more.

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