This year: Academics

We’re only a few weeks away from exams and I feel like there are way too many things ending. Friends are graduating, I won’t be back in Vancouver for more than a year, my roommates and I will be saying goodbye (to each other and to our beautiful fairview home).

However, I do have a happy feeling inside of me telling me that it’s all coming together in a perfect way.

I thought last year was the best year I would have at UBC (meeting all those new people, doing all those new things) – but I was wrong. This year blew my mind. So many things happened at the same time that before the end of this term I will try to write about them to keep them close.


Not many people consider academics something that makes them happy. However, this year I have been even more convinced that human geography is simply the coolest thing out there. ¬†Almost all of my geography classes have been engaging, eye-opening and, most importantly, inspiring. Here’s a small note on them…

Cities (250) – who knew there was a class called Cities? If you take this class do it with Prof. Wyly. He obviously loves cities and he loves teaching about them. There’s nothing else to say, that should be enough.

Introduction to the Changing Landscapes of Latin America (395) –¬† If you’re tired of the everyday hegemonic interpretations and understandings of Latin America, take this class! Juanita Sundberg is critical and engaging and expects the same from her students.

Introduction to Political Geography (329) – le Billion talks a lot, but once you get used to his pace the topics he covers are very interesting. It was nice to start understanding issues that I sometimes shy away from.

Geography, Modernity and Globalization II (122) – This class is very broad, and I probably should have taken it last year (or at least before taking 300-level classes!). Still, I have found it to be a really good overview of what the UBC department of Geography does. If this is a major you’re considering do take this class.

Geography of Canada (290) – I have to admit that I wasn’t very happy to know that I HAD to take this class. However, I am now enjoying it a lot. It’s great to actually know a little bit about Canada. Also, the class focuses on themes that I have been able to apply to other classes, which is always helpful. Finally, I love it when professors encourage you to be creative and give you the opportunity to do visual projects instead of final papers.

** BTW, a project I did for an ANTHRO class last term is being displayed in the Explorations in Practice Conference in the Anthropology building. Most of the pieces displayed in the ANSO basement are amazing, try to check them out if you happen to be there! **

Geographies of Migration and Settlement (353) – this class is really interesting. There are a lot of readings, but it’s worth it.

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  1. Miriam says:

    Ooh sweet. I looked up the course description for 329 and it’s so vague, what is it really about?

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