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Oct 7 / Roson

Cool Source of Information

I have come across 2 cool websites this week and extended use in one of the previous ones:


  • Weather Underground:  I like the way they allow you to select the types of map (eg. temperature, precipitation, snow depth, etc.) you want, as well as the regions of map (e.g. entire US, US midwest,etc) you want. This website comes handy if you want to get a quick idea of how the weather condition is in the area of crop production.
  • Farm Business Communications  This is a Canadian website and it publishes crop news with a focus on the crop situations in the US and Canada.  It also publishes news of other categories to do with agricultural such as livestock, the market, general, etc. This website is easy to navigate and it could be a cool site to find relevant news from different aspects.
Extend Use:
  • Bloomberg – Exchange Rate:  Reminded by Professor Vercammen, exchange rate is also an important aspect to look at when we handle our trades.  I think this could be a place to go for global news about exchange rate.



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