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Oct 7 / Roson

The Road Ahead – Sit and Behold

As mentioned in the previous post, I got my long contracts on wheat and soybeans last Monday at their high prices and their prices went through a big dive during the week leaving me an unrealized loss of about $4000.  I am keeping the contracts to wait for their prices to go up to a point where I believe I could minimize my loss as much as possible (reducing the loss and risks induced by new uncertainties, etc) .

I certainly don’t like my trading game to turn into a loss minimizing game.  This “damage control” has become my overhead and a good reminder of me to stay on top of my tradings.  I will make new purchases as I find my justifications along the way with the daily news.

So far, I have got news about soybeans[1] which indicate there might be increases in the soybeans futures prices:

  • export sales jumped to a three-month high last week
  • oilseed demand is renewed by the price drop
On the other hand, USDA is going to release a crop report this coming Thursday(Oct 11) with the supply and demand estimates[2].  That will mostly likely become Thursday’s price indicator if not as much as causing the price spikes again.   For making a profitable trade or for practice,  it would be worthwhile making effort to come up with an “estimation”/rough guess about the situation before the report comes out. It’s good to take advantage of limit order as well.




1. Plume, Karl. (2012, Oct 5). U.S. corn eases on harvest pressure, soybeans level . Retrieved from

2. USDA. (2011, Dec. 19). Schedule of 2012 release dates of cotton reports issued by the U. S. Department of Agriculture. Retrieved from



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  1. ishrat / Oct 7 2012

    Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Roson / Oct 8 2012

    You are welcome. Hope we all do better this week!

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