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Oct 14 / Roson

Cool Source of Information – charts and dictionary

There are 2 websites I would like to suggest:

  • Equity Clock website: it has information related to the stock markets.  It has daily news update of US economic events.  It also has commodity futures seasonality charts (representing the past 20 years till 2009)  Although it is not the same every year, it is probably beneficial to learn about the general movement of the futures prices in the past.
  • Investopedia:  It’s a good place to go when you are not too sure about some terms related to trading and you want some quick help,  For example, when I read the news articles, I encountered the term “backwardation”. It’s taught in the class but I wasn’t too sure about it.   It’s available here with examples: , so it’s pretty handy for a quick look up.





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