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Oct 14 / Roson

The Road Ahead – retreat?

The combination of factors suggest me I should take a “retreat” attitude this week; However, there’s quite a bit of information suggests that there will be further price drop in corn, soybeans and wheat futures. First of all, US dollar is strengthening [1]; US economy is  improving and expecting a good recovery. Secondly, the oil price has dropped due to a forecast of reduced global demand by International Energy Agency[2]Thirdly, according to the news gathered below, yet, not exhaustively, it does seem that the futures prices tend to drop this week.


  • Argentina’s revamped corn export policy[3] (-)


  • More export sales (+)
  • Higher production/ good supplies from South America (e.g. Brazil, Argentina )[4] (-)
  • Cut in palm oil export tax next year in Malaysia leading to the drop of palm oil price [5] (-)
  •  Good opportunity of open market access and predictable trade access in the Asia-Pacific region with Canada entering Trans-Pacific Partnership [6] (-)


  • Unexpected drop in exports [7] (-)
  • Reduced projected production in Russia and Australia (+)
  • Argentina’s revamped wheat export policy which leads to immediate increasing wheat planting [3] (-)





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