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Oct 21 / Roson

Week 5 Trading – a break from blogging

My account got reset on Monday with initial balance as $40,000.   I did some trading this week on wheat on Wednesday but I encountered various technical issues:

  1. TradeSim threw some errors when I tried to submit an order;  I should have taken screenshots of those error messages.  I will do that when I run into the problems again.
  2. The contracts I want weren’t available during some time period when the market was open. As a result, i could’t offset my contract to lock in profits.

In all, I didn’t do much partly due to the aforementioned issues.  Therefore, I am taking a break from writing the formal blogs this week.  I will resume on regular blogging next week. Cheers.


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  1. Yijeong / Oct 25 2012

    Has it been better? Please keep trying and see if things are getting better. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  2. Roson / Oct 26 2012

    Hey Yijeong, thanks for keeping an eye on the issues and stuff. Things will be better as I get more familiar with TradeSim, I hope. =p Thanks!

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