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Oct 28 / Roson

Week 6 -Cool Source Of Information

This week I came across these two websites as I was trying to look for more authoritative opinions:

  • US Wheat Associates ( I think this is a good place to acquire extensive knowledge about wheat as a commodity.
    • It provides information like quality, cash prices at export locations,  official reports about different classes of wheat (e.g. Hard Red Spring, Soft Red Winter, Durum); Although CBOT is trading Soft Red Winter wheat, it’s important to know about the movement of other classes wheat.
    • It  provides the schedule of important industrial meetings.   We should expect some particular price movements over the days of meetings as a result from the topics and discussions in them.
    • It  also provides summaries and analysis on important news in their Media Center which give a good up-to-date overview on the current wheat market.
  • National Corn Growers Association (  This is for corn and all about corn; its usage is similar to the above.  Besides, it has a section that covers different topics relevant to the corn market, such as Livestock, Ethanol, Farm Policy, etc.


If you are reading this, I hope this sources would be helpful for you too.




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  1. zoeshu / Oct 28 2012

    Cool source of information, I like the National Corn Grower Association website. It’s a good website to track the latest corn information including the policies and market trends. We know what happened in the corn market during last week.

    Also, we can make more accurate prediction for corn future market though checking relative market news. The website gives us news about Ethanol, biotechnology and transportation. The transportation cost is a component of corn future price. If the transportation cost increase, then corn future price will increase at the same time. Also, the information about biotechnology is useful to us to predict corn future price. In our 502 cause, the bioenergy programs in US, EU and Canada is the most prominence and significant cause of price increasing. It reduces supplies of land and other farm resources going to producing food and increases global corn demand.

    Good source and I like your blog’s name (happy trades)

  2. Roson / Nov 2 2012

    hahah. thanks Zoe, good analysis too

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