Wait… it’s the last module?

My only thought coming into this final module is “where did the time go?”

Walking into the first day of prep classes feels like one month ago, not nine! It is truly incredible how fast this program goes by. This can be attributed to a few things: how hard we are working, and how much fun we are having! I can say without a doubt that these past nine months have been the most transformative period I’ve ever had. Every module I discovered a new topic or interest and had a chance to explore it.

It’s hard for me to write about my biggest takeaways from this program right now, I feel like I will be able to reflect better a few months after the program is over. What I do know is that I made some incredible lifelong friends, and learned more than I could have ever imagined in nine short months! My thoughts at this very second…sitting here before my Supply Chain Management class are: “I better start working on Capstone” –  “That group meeting conflicts with my other group” – “What should I make for dinner” – “Oh look the sun is out” and “Don’t forget Mother’s Day on Sunday”.

What’s next for me? The day after the end of the year gala I’m off to Nice, France for my summer exchange. So my school isn’t really finished yet – however I’m sure France will feel very much like a vacation.

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