Critical Response #1: A multi-media, html and css infused response!

hey sci fi comrades,

upon figuring out how to do the first critical response for this class, and knowing that the format was pretty free form and up to us, i decided to create my presentation on an external site instead of as a blog post. sorry if this is a nuisance, but i knew i could do more as far as how i visualized it all if i created my own website to display everything.

alright… so here’s my fractured and disjointed HTML/hypertext-esque take on The Atrocity Exhibition:



enjoy! please let me know if anything is unclear as far as navigation, or if any links/videos don’t work for you…

1 thought on “Critical Response #1: A multi-media, html and css infused response!

  1. Jonathan Morissette

    Wow, well, I wanted to quibble with you over this small point (” In my mind, grindcore is the only genre of music which totally encompasses the ideas of cut-and-paste form…”), but I so very enjoyed your final conclusion page that I think perhaps that’s a conversation for another time. I really like how you’ve reinstated the possibility of progress and teleological progression, I had thought the time for such fancies was past but perhaps if disaster and destruction is the actual aim or purpose… ya! Sweet. Nice confluence of medias, seems you put a lot of effort into it all, or love at least, great work!

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