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Neuromancer and the Unreal City

“[…] Oscillating between these two polar representations of urban space, the idea of the city as an urban utopia that gained prominence in the visual science fiction of the 20s (the film Metropolis presents a gleaming city inspired by New York City that does have its utopian side) gave way in the 50s, amidst the increasing alienation of American culture and the postwar white flight from urban centers, to “science fiction cities that were claustrophobic and isolating, outsized monadic structures sealed off from their surroundings” (Bukatman 43). It is this dark, suffocating vision of the city, seen from the street level and often at night, that Neuromancer takes its cues from and builds upon. What results are the disturbingly prophetic night cities that sprawl unbounded through the pages and into our imaginations.”

Neuromancer and the Unreal City in .PDF

term projects

After some consultation with Matthew, we decided that your term projects would be due on Friday, April 24, so a week from Friday. As my schedule is pretty fierce right now and will be till the end of the month, I am not completely certain when I’ll be in my office (427 Buchanan Tower) that day, but you can always submit the project to the English Department office (397 Buchanan Tower: 3rd floor) by putting it in the big wooden box on the receptionist’s desk. Make sure my name (Baxter) is clearly identified on the front page as that’s how staff will know to put it in my mailbox after date-stamping it.

When the projects are graded, Matthew or I will let you know; they will then be available to collect from my office, either directly, or in sealed labelled envelopes in a box outside the office door.

I know that a lot of you are working in some sort of visual creative component. This has to be in some form that I can see while grading without having to travel around the city, so images and/or links would be very useful. My previous post (please let me introduce myself) dealt with the requirements of a conventional text-based research essay in an upper-level undergraduate course, so please check that one again; this post will deal with requirements for a project incorporating some sort of creative work. Again, to meet the standards of an upper-level undergraduate course, there must be a clear development of some sort of critical/theoretical context, so please include either an introductory or conclusion section, or both, of at least 2-3 pages of detailed prose, discussing the aims of the project, and situating it clearly in the concerns and content of the class. Again, explicit mention of at least four secondary sources subsequently listed in a Works Cited must be made.

If you have any questions, the shortest route to a speedy response is to email me directly at

Whatever form your projects take, on the basis of this blog, which I follow regularly (I have its RSS feed bookmarked on my menu bar so I  know when it’s updated), I am really looking forward to seeing them!

All best, Gisele Baxter.