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Fictional Hacktivism Unbound

Hey guys,

Here’s my term project. The title is “Fictional Hacktivism is Unbound: how fictional, past and future renditions of hacktivism have re-defined today’s geopolitical spectrums of analysis.”

since i’m majoring in political science and love doing intense research essays, thats what this ended up being because i had so much fun researching hacktivism, haha. there is also a photoset i put together to go with the essay as well.

I’ve put the essay on a webpage HERE which is more interesting because it has photos of computer/urban centers as well as the essay,

or if you’d rather read the essay straight you can download it HERE. (Microsoft Word format)

…thanks for being so awesome in this class, everyone. it was one of my favourite classes i’ve ever had at UBC and i really truly grew to respect all of you! i hope we can all do something together soon which involves talking about sci-fi because i’m always up for that!