Happy Birthday Alyssa

Photo Credits to Veena Lin who has such a great eye for pictures!

We played board games and ate pizza to celebrate Alyssa’s birthday tonight. Alyssa is incredibly sweet, focused and committed to her career goal, creative, organized, and is awesome in so many ways that this list could go on for pages. Happy Birthday girl!!!

Visit our food blog!

My friend Veena and I recently started a food blog on Instagram.We’re committed to putting a new food post everyday so far and it’s fun. Veena is much talented talented at photography while I’ve been doing the marketing. We are totally new to the food blogsphere but so far, here are some strategies that have been increasing our number of followers are:

  • Choose popular hashtags to maximize the chance of someone encountering your posts while looking at topics. Popular means several million rather than only a couple thousand. Don’t use hashtag that no one else uses such as #YOURNAMEHEREishappyandiseating. Good to know but it isn’t going to help your food blog grow.
  • Hashtag popular blogs in your topic. Since we’re a food blog, we use #teamchomp, #dhvanfood, #yvreats to attract the attention of foodies in the Vancouver area. Select your niche, look for popular blogs in your niche and then see what hashtags they are using.
  • Post everyday instead of all on the same day EXCEPT you should start with a minimum of 6 photos so that there is multiple posts that visitors can look at.
  • Right after you put up a new post, click on relevant hashtags and go like posts from other food blogs!!! e.g. Veena and I did a chocolate post so I searched up posts related to chocolate and dessert.
    • Build yourself a community. In particular, give extra love to posts from bloggers that are not widely popular yet. Posts that are nice but only have 5 likes instead of 10, 000 – pay attention to those. You get more return from investing in their content because that blogger is more likely to notice that you’ve liked their post instead of the blogger who may not notice your comment among 10, 000 other comments.
    • Be strategic about following other bloggers. You don’t have time to follow every food-related blog. Again, think about your niche.
  • Anyone who likes or follows your blog, go check out their blog. If you like their content, return the favour.

coffee mont blanc at @beaucoupbakery on a rainy day

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Christmas dinner

My mother is the best cook ever (at least in my opinion. Mom says there are lots of better cooks.). Here are some of the dishes we had at our big family dinner. My grandmother made the mushrooms. We had a ton of other dishes, plus dessert, that I didn’t take a picture of because I was so ready to eat the delicious food.

Dog sitting the most adorable dog ever

Meet Sophie, the adorable little Shih Tzu I’m dog-sitting. She entertained our family while we cleaned our house in preparation of tomorrow’s Christmas dinner. Now, she’s taking a nap next to me while I’m write this blog post and then get some progress on writing my paper. I’m in love with her.

I would love to have a pet dog year round but when school is in session, I don’t have enough time to give a dog as much attention as I would like to. So for now I’ll enjoy the perks of an adorable dog while dog-sitting.


Impromptu Friday Night ice cream

Misaki and I went for a spur-of-the-moment trip to 720 Sweets tacked on to a trip to the post office. Running errands is a good excuse to go for an adventure because you’re already out of the house, right? Both of us got the Milk Tea ice cream. Thank you to  the girls at 720 made our ice cream look like reindeer.  Misaki and I have seen each other a lot but it’s been a while since we got to sit down and chat. It was entertaining to listen to her stories.

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Nando’s Chicken

I think it’s normal to feel completely drained after writing several final exams. I felt guilty about not studying for the next final after finishing a final but just as it’s important to study, it’s important to rest. Veena and I went to Nando’s Chicken after writing late afternoon final exams. We ordered humus, lemon and herb wings, medium spicy chicken legs and Peri Peri fries.


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I’ve been conflicted about what to write on this blog lately. My original task was as part of UBC Blog Squad, to blog about the first year of university experience. Generally, that meant writing diary-style posts about what happened during an average week and writing advice posts relating to the university experience (e.g. study tips). Now that I’m in my second year, I feel like this blog should have more of a focus but I don’t know what to focus on.

  • I love collecting study tips and sharing my notes here with you all. Those posts according to Google Analytics seems the posts most popular among you lovely readers. Yet, I don’t believe I’m qualified to be a study guru.
  • As easy as it would be just my blog a diary,  that would not too relevant nor helpful.

If you have an type of post you would like to see, let me know. For now, enjoy the pictures of delicious food (hehe!).


Birthday destress

During the end of the semester,

  • Your To-Do list is long. You complete a ton but each day adds new items to your to-do list – which can be discouraging.
  • You’ve been studying really hard for midterms. Learning is great but studying for hours can drain you of energy.
  • You’ve been putting aside socializing, exercising, eating well, sleep because time is tight.
  • A combination of dreary weather and working really hard and being tough to yourself and not getting as much human connection as you would like makes even the most optimistic feel exhausted and burned out.
  • You might ask yourself, “Why am I trying so hard? What’s the point” and it’s easier to fall into negative self-talk.

This is how a birthday picks you right up. I felt motivated to wake up early and study efficiently so that I could totally devote my attention and time to my friends. I got reminded to take a break to recharge my battery. I laughed so hard when I got a text from my cousin to take a break from studying and go have a fun birthday. He knows me too well.

I remembered how lucky I am to have such supportive friends and family reading birthday wishes in messages and lovely cards. They’ve been helping me each in their own way to help me achieve things that I could not achieve on my own, to support me emotionally  during hard times and who I share the lessons they’ve learned from life with me. I treasure having them in my life and I will strive to as supportive a friend in return.I wish to stay friends for a long time and catch where we left off every time we meet up.

This is a wise quote from Susanna, “Uni and life is hard but we got friends who care about each other to help us get through it.”  Susanna is always right.

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of my life journey so far!

(Edit: I’ve now removed the group photo. )




YVR Food Fest with Veena

Veena and I attended the YVR Food Fest August 6th at Olympic Village. We ate: veenandi3

  • Pulled Pork Sliders from The Flying Pig. The Flying Pig offered a taster menu meaning that the only dish they served was the Pulled Pork Sliders. These were juicy and just a hint spicy. I highly recommend.
  • The daily special grilled cheese sandwich from a food truck whose name I can’t remember. It was good but nothing too special. Would not recommend for the price that it was.
  • Mini Donut popsicle. Pricey but yummy and something neither of us had before

Photo credits to Veena for the two photos that I took from her Snapchat with her permission

yvrfoodfest1veenaand1minidonut popsicle