Discussion Board

We invite you to join the discussion around issues surrounding silviculture, free to grow policy and forest regeneration in the face of climate change. Any and all comments you can share regarding these issues and your personal experiences with them are greatly appreciated.

Discussion Board

Reply1. What changes in regeneration and stand tending practices are needed to promote resilient, valuable forests?

Reply2. Do current regeneration practices adequately address risks from climate change and forest health factors all the way to rotation age?

Reply3. In your opinion, is application of the “free-to-grow” concept resulting in stands that will meet government objectives for timber and other values?

Reply4. How could free-to-grow regulations and other silvicultural policies be changed to promote resilient and valuable forests?

Reply5. What tools (decision-support tools, models etc.) do you use to help you make silvicultural decisions? How could they be improved?