November 2016

Rethinking Free Growing

We would like to use this blog as a mechanism for discussions on silviculture practices that can grow and build. Obviously there is a wealth of experience, ideas, and opinions out there and we are eager to create a forum where we can give each other feedback.

Ultimately our goal is to find out if folks think our silviculture practices and/or policies need to change in order to create stands which are healthy and resilient in the face of risk. We are climbing out of Mountain Pine Beetle (MPB), the failure of the Softwood Lumber Agreement (SLA) is looming, and the specter of climate change keeps creeping closer. Here are a couple of questions that we think might start the discussion in the direction of our ultimate question:

  • Do current regeneration practices adequately address risks from climate change and forest health factors to rotation age?
  • In your opinion, is application of the “free-to-grow” concept resulting in stands that will meet government objectives for timber and other values