Concept Map

To begin our journey into social learning theories help us build a concept map. We have started one for you using Mind Meister (, an online concept mapping tool. Add to and/or change the concept map now and later as you learn more about social learning theories. There are no wrong answers and don’t be insulted if someone changes or deletes content you added. The idea is to work collaboratively and build everyone’s understanding as we go through the unit.

Click on the pencil in the image below (beside the Share button). You will be taken to the map and prompted to login.

Password: etec512

If you are having trouble accessing the link below, try clicking on your compatibility view icon in your toolbar (it looks like a ripped piece of paper, and is between the search and refresh button). Or go directly to the Mind Meister site and login from there.

Later in the week we will post the concept map our group developed together on the Compare and Contrast page of this site. It will be interesting to compare the two.

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