Ned Porter: The Library Routes Project

I came across this article the other day and thought it might be of interest to our class.

“How does anyone become a librarian?” This is the main premise of the project.

Porter and colleagues started out on Twitter. Librarians tweeted other librarians asking how and why they chose the profession, and the conversation began. Tweets turned blogs and blogs turned into a wiki, eventually becoming a self-sustaining, “viral marketing tool”.

Sadly the wiki is no longer up on the net, but this article is still worth a read. Taking a twitter “grassroots” movement and turning it into something more collaborative and (in)formal is an interesting concept for us librarians looking at social media.

Check out the PDF below!



31 Days of Instagram Challenge for Libraries

31 Day IG Challenge

Thank you Pinterest! (Or as my mom likes to say “Pin-interest”. She doesn’t get it.)

I thought that this was an interesting take on the #31daychallenge concept. I have seen lots of friends and family undertake this type of challenge for their own Instagram profiles – with varying levels of success. Could be an interesting idea in a number of ways:

  • Increases the visibility of the library
  • Good starting place if use of social media is a brand new concept to the library
  • Can be linked to already existing tag (#mcm #tbt #flashbackfriday, you know the drill) which increases the findability of the library.

I’ve included the link to the original blog post below. What do you think? Good idea? Too time consuming? Instagram as a platform?


Oh hello!

My name is Megan Kennedy. I have been in the program for a year now and will be graduating this April! Very excited about that but it does mean that I have to start adulting soon and that is less exciting.

A little bit about me:

  • Graduated from the University of Saskatchewan 2013, double major History and Anthropology
  • Currently work for Scotiabank in my downtime
  • Favourite food is grilled cheese

All very important information.

Why am I taking this course? I think that it is important to have some idea of how social media can be used (and should not be used) in a library setting. I consider myself an avid user of social media personally, however I wanted some tips and ideas for how to use it in a more professional manner.

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