Fashion Philosophy meets Food Recipe

In my previous blogpost, I discussed about how Uniqlo emerged as one of the most competitive apparel retailers in the global market. Only a few days after I published my blogpost, I found something on the Apple iTunes that really gives me a jolt- an Uniqlo recipe App. My first thought was “What?! When does Uniqlo sell food?!”.

The Uniqlo Recipe is a free App that you could download on Apple’s AppStore. It provides 24 original recipes that are easy to be prepared at home. It features 6 emerging chefs, namely Jamie Malone, Josef Centeno, Kim Alter, Kuniko Yagi, Thomas Mcnaughton and Brian Leth. The Japanese retailer styles each of the chefs and creates original music using their cooking sounds. Also, the App’s interface is beautiful, clean and user-friendly.

The Objective

Why Uniqlo does that?

Uniqlo has been keen to enter the US market for years under their business expansion plan. Now, they publish an App on the iTunes to increase the brand awareness/recognition among the young working males and females, age between 20 and 29. The App is basically a marketing channel to advertise the brand to the potential customers in North America. Some young working males and females cook simple dishes at home and they then need a recipe book. Uniqlo realized this situation and they have decided to build a recipe App so that those targeted customers could simply refer to their recipe App by using their iPhone or iPad. As marketing is not just about making commercial, it can be much more interesting for example like this case. Are you interested to download the App?

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