Is Black Friday good or you? or good for the retailers?

Did you go for any Black Friday sales? Another question is, did you overspend your budget?


Black Friday sales sounds like a great news to every shopper because they could find some killer bargains and spend their money for some new stuffs in pleasure. However, this is not always the case.

“Dr. Laurence Ashworth calls Black Friday a “perfect storm” of a handful of psychological mechanisms. For starters, consumers already have a visceral response to seeing a deal. We see the actual price, then we see the price it’s being sold at on this one day only.

That limited time offer is paired with a limited quantity of items in a crowded store.

This implies the principle  of scarcity. The limited time offer urges customers to make a purchasing decision faster with more impulsion. Somebody enjoys shopping and they call it retail therapy. It’s a rush of dopamine when shoppers see some good deals and they eventually spend lavishly without conscious. Be a smart consumer and control yourself.

There are the links of some very interesting articles that talking about the Black Friday’s deals:

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