Response to Khabibah Munir’s The Book Revolution

I am a vivid reader and I am having cognitive dissonance with the ebook revolution. I definitely agree with Khabibah that I would still continue to purchase paper book instead of an ebook even though a paper book can be more expensive and heavier to bring around. An ebook does not have the texture, the smell of papers and thus, lacks the reading emotion that I would appreciate. Furthermore, I have been facing my laptop’s screen for more than 7 hours per day and I do not want to read book on digital screen again (it hurts my eyes!).

However, I really have to say that ebook is our future and paper book might eventually become obsolete. First, producing an ebook costs much less than a paper book. Also, producing books using paper is not environmental friendly after all. By holding an ebook reader, you can easily switch to any book you want to read instantly and it is very convenient to bring around.

In ancient time, people wrote things on tree, animal skin or stone until a Chinese invented paper. Now, technology has become so advanced that words can be displayed on digital screen. People will eventually switch from reading paper books to reading ebooks. Remember that marketers always try to create values and sell them to customers. I may argue that the marketers is simply making up the benefits of an ebook-reader. They are changing the way we read and the way we live.

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