I really enjoyed almost all the text we had to read for this class. Some of them were very quick to read, like No se lo tragó la tierra, women hollering creek, and and a body to remember with, each chapter in those books had so much to say and was so artistically and well written. I really have to say reading Cisneros’ book has inspired me to write. I had started one 2 years ago but was always stopped because i didn’t like the chronological order or I was just blocked in a spot and couldn’t continue. I really like how authors like Cisneros, Carmen Rodriquez and Rivera play with the order and sometimes you don’t know if the same protagonist follows in all chapters or when exactly something happened. 

I connected with the latino literature as much as with the chicano literature and in some cases their stories were so similar to mine. I have to say that I even connected and have similar feelings as Martí does even though José Marti wrote Escenas norteamericanas in the 1880s. I think we didn’t spend enough time on Martí and I think the majority of  my classmates didn’t enjoy or value his works because it was in Spanish. 
We had a pretty good selection of books to read for this class, and like I have mentioned some of them were really inspiring for me, and touching.