Final Thoughts

This was one of my favorite classes this semester.  I enjoyed almost every read in this class.  All except for the Martí readings, even though they helped my Spanish comprehension. A lot of the readings differed in their over all context but had a common underlying theme.  That is, for lack of a better word, integration into American/Canadian society.  It was interesting to see the progression of this from the Civil War era and then finally end up in modern Vancouver.  The outline of the readings could have been a little more fragmented.  Maybe starting from Rodriguez’s book first then ending the course with Y no se lo tragó la tierra.  Instead of having a chronologically ordered reading list, just to fit with the writing styles of the authors.  Just a thought.  But, the movie was a nice change of pace.  For me, the movie helped me visualize and get a better grasp on y no se lo tragó la tierra.  Even though the movie had almost no correlation to the book.  

This literature class was a nice change from all of my other literature classes.  I liked the contemporariness of most of the books, instead of reading about Victorian era British literature or American gothic literature.  I still like those classes but for this class the contemporariness gave me a familiar feel to the books. I’ve spent half of my life living in San Diego and the other half in the suburbs of Seattle and these books gave me a little insight to the hardships that Chicanos are braving.   Great class, I’m looking forward to the complement to this one next semester.