Gabriel Garcia Marquez 2

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Over the course of this book, I am finding very much repetition in terms of actions but more pronouncedly in terms of the Character’s names.

The family name Buendia repeats itself so much that it is making the reading quite difficult as all the characters are not very distinctive of eachother. This seems to be a deliberate attempt by the author to create a sense of cyclical patterns within the story: the misfortunes that happen to the characters seem to follow one another and their actions seem similar and equally unable to prevent misfortunes.

The concept of the passing of time s also quite cyclical in this novel, in the sense that Macondo seems to remain stuck at a certain point in time while events outside it, such as the war, are evolving. Not only is the town difficult to get to but also it seems isolated in terms of the news it recieves. For example, its residents were unaware that there was another town nearby, and refuse much of the modernization that is going on in the outside world. The town seems to get more and more secluded over the course of the book as residents town inward into solitude in order to cope with their misfortunes.

The idea of one hundred years of time is also quite interesting. Throughout the chapters of the book, there are vary different spans of time that are covered. Some days are delved into quite deeply whereas at times it seems as though quite a few years ave been glossed over slightly or skipped overall. This makes me think that perhaps the title of the book does not refer to actual lineal time as the exact quantitative passing of years is not emphmasized, if not widely ignored in the book therefore it may relate to how slow  time may feel when one is in solitude as the characters and the town are in the book.


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