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Look at that cool Lotus sports car! Wait, that’s a hybrid?

Link to flickr photo of Lotus Evora.
Lotus Evora by Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. Photo from flickr.

That was my reaction when I saw the “green” Lotus Evora 414E on its test drive.

This car has an impressive power and acceleration for a hybrid car. Each year, car makers are developing more higher-performance electric cars, but existing large, heavy-weight motors do not suit more compact sports cars. Lotus shows prospect for a very lightweight engine that enables 1000 Nm of torque and a 0-60mph time of 4 seconds with emissions of just 55g/km CO2. Compare this to the original version of Evora with a 0-60mph of 5 seconds and emissions of 217g/km.

I’m a passenger of a car almost every day for my work commute. I’m also a car enthusiast. Especially appealing are the ones that show off their speed and streamlined bodies. However, I do recognize cars are a key source of carbon emissions, a leading cause of greenhouse gases. How can I have the fun of driving a sports car and still not be harmful to the environment?

The Evora 414E is at an experimental stage, but it proposes a technology that allows more than a 50% reduction in carbon emissions while getting thrust power and looks of a conventional sports car. You can see the most recent model and developments in The Guardian and Green Car Guide.

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