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The writer and the technical expert

Last fall, I joined a discussion co-presented by a professional scientist and a technical writer from Golder Associates. In this leading firm in environmental consulting, design, and construction sector, technical experts in science and engineering will often work with an expert technical writer to prepare reports that are clear, accurate, and often lawyer-proof.

A technical writer who comes across a word such as “glory hole” while editing a technical document might pause with a smirk to wonder if it is a typo …Read_More_Button_Fundraising

Science Communication Guest Blog on UBC ScWRL

I’ve been working on a few new writing projects the last two months, one of which is now published!

Here is the invited guest blog post I co-wrote for the University of British Columbia’s Science Writing Resources for Learning (ScWRL) …Read_More_Button_Fundraising

I went in for wine tastings, and left with a beginner’s view into wine science

With a tasting menu in hand, I awaited the staff to ask the exciting question: “Which wine would you like to try?”

You don’t need science to enjoy wine, but having a sip with the experts at various vineyards this spring was a refreshing experience, as I caught a glimpse of the intricate choices to make the varieties of wine. At Paumanok Vineyards in Long Island, New York, I was enjoying one of my best Rieslings and rose wines I’ve ever had, and I casually asked, … Read_More_Button_Fundraising

In the cockpit of a Boeing 747 – the shift to digital

Posted March 2016