2013 Winter Session

AFST 250 – Introduction to African Studies
“Africa Through its Writing”

ENGLISH 100 – Reading and Writing about Literature


ENGLISH 112 – Strategies for University Writing
112-03C Eng 112 03C Fall 2013 course outline & schedule
112-05B Eng 112 05B Fall 2013 Course outline & schedule


ENGLISH 224 – World Literature in English
“An Introduction to African Writing”


ENGLISH 468A-99A – Children’s Literature
Distance Education Course


Course Archive

ENGLISH 362 – Studies in a 19c Genre
“‘The horror! The horror!’: Nightmare Fiction of the Nineteenth Century”

ENGLISH 474 Studies in Contemporary Literature
“Women Who Refuse to Keep Quiet:  Fiction by African Women”

ENGLISH 474 Studies in Contemporary Literature
“Post-Apartheid South African Writing”

ENGLISH 222 Literature in Canada
“Contemporary Canadian Fiction on the Margins”

ENGL 470F Canadian Studies
“‘Here is Queer’:  Gay and Lesbian Writing in Canada”