About me

                                                         Hello everyone!

My name is Tarandeep Atwal and I currently live in Windsor, Ontario. I moved to Windsor about two years ago from Toronto, Ontario. I did my schooling from Toronto, that includes my dental hygiene diploma and restorative dental hygiene certification in 2006 and 2012, respectively, from George Brown College. I am a full time mother of two kids and currently enrolled as a full time student via distance education in the third year of Dental Hygiene degree completion program at UBC.

I have always wanted to become an educator and I have been able to do that through my profession of dental hygiene. I would love to pursue a career in teaching in the near future. My decision to undertake this program supports my passion for teaching.

I am taking this course ENGL301 as part of my degree completion program.  This course is very refreshing and deemed much needed. The importance of learning the skills for technical writing through this course will come long way. We are living in the tech age where digital media is extremely persuasive. I am hoping to embrace all the knowledge and skills that this course has to offer so that I can enhance and broaden my professional abilities.