Project Team

Michael Lee, Principal Investigator

Michael Lee, Professor of Teaching, Associate Head of  Educational Affairs, Department of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy. He has extensive clinical experience in working with youth and adults with mental-health issues, and teaches courses related to psychosocial issues and occupational therapy interventions; as well as evidence-based practice.

Patty Hambler, Principal Investigator

Patty Hambler, MEd, is the Director, Student Wellbeing Promotion with Student Development and Services. As a student affairs professional, Patty has worked in a variety of roles at UBC – all of which have focused on building community, promoting positive mental health, and strengthening student capacity to succeed at university.

Kathleen Lane, Project Manager

Kathleen Lane, MBA, is the Project Manager for the Teaching Practices and Student Wellbeing project. Her interest is in changing social and physical environments to promote health and wellbeing among entire populations.

Steven J. Barnes

Steven J. Barnes, PhD, is an Associate Professor of Teaching in the Department of Psychology at UBC.  His psychological expertise lies in the areas of psychiatric disorders, epilepsy, learning and memory, and neuroplasticity.  Steven currently has a keen interest in the translation and visualization of knowledge from each of these research areas, but especially from current research on bipolar disorder.

Natasha Moore

Natasha Moore is a Research Analyst with the VP Students Office. She has expertise in wellbeing research and evaluation.

Minnie Teng

Minnie Teng is the Knowledge Translation Project Coordinator. She is passionate about mental health issues on campus and within our community and works with the team to disseminate findings from the project to faculty and instructors in order to improve student mental wellbeing.

Steering Committee

  • Sunaina Assanand
  • Paul Harrison
  • Andrea Han
  • Kele Flemming
  • Philip Loewen
  • Melinda Suto
  • Tal Jarus
  • Karen Smith
  • Marlee Groening
  • Christie Newton


We gratefully acknowledge the financial support for this project provided by UBC Vancouver students via the Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund and the support of our student staff, student volunteers and faculty/staff advisors for their assistance in developing and implementing this project. Special recognition goes out to the following people for their ongoing support for our project:

  • Mineko Wada
  • Diana Jung
  • Angelina Lam
  • Kate Moberg
  • Jodie McCormick
  • Erin Rissling
  • David Livingston
  • Amika Shah
  • Katherine Moore
  • Alyssa Thurston
  • Sanah Ali
  • Christina Campbell
  • Shelby Marozoff

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