The Nepalese Scholars Association

 Nepal is a place of utmost hospitality and grace.

The freedom flags sway elegantly in company with the  wind’s chase.

Since a number of ever-changing moons the ground in the once peaceful place has been tragically shifted.

It’s our responsibility to help this beautiful country and have the people uplifted.

Please take a moment to think about what you acquire.

Think about what is in your heart and what does one really require.

The Nepalese Scholars Association

This association is fairly new and yet it has already made it’s mark in showing students what the group is all about. They have been determined and courageous in everything they have done. The association started up a “Nepalese Earthquake Relief Support”  Facebook page and started building momentum in bringing awareness to students and the city of Kelowna. It has risen an effort towards supporting the earthquake victims in Nepal.


Shortly after, they hosted a Candlelight Vigil to recognize those who had been impacted by the earthquake in Nepal.

Next, the association started a bottle drive for the Shree Bashukee School in Nepal. Moreover, they currently have a GoFundMe page as well. –>

On October 2nd there is an event taking place called Harmony UBCO. It is 1st annual Harmony banquet and it happens to be hosted by Jus Reign’s right hand Babbulicious. Harmony UBCO is a multi-club collaboration including performances and food from 10 of our cultural clubs around campus. It’s goal is to expand intercultural relations and to celebrate unity.

Harmony will include performances and food by the following clubs:

South Asian Alliance
Association of Bangladeshi Students
African Caribbean Student Club
Asian Student Association
Sikh Student Association
Indigenous Student Association
European Student Association
Russian Speakers Association
Arab Student Association

The Nepalese Scholars Association!

Harmony Facebook event page –>

Lastly, this brings us to the Nepsa tournament!

It is a fundraiser for building a school in Nepal. This tournament is in collaboration with International Programs and Services, International Football club, Student Union.

DATE: October 16th
TIME: 4:00pm -9:00pm
AMOUNT: 10 – 12 team (approx. 8 players)
PRICE: $5 individual / $35 team
INFO: This event is to raise money to build a school in Nepal from the devastating earthquake a few months ago. Registration booth also up next week for sign ups.                                                                               Extra: Included BBQ by donation                                                                            Contact: or

—-> NepSA tournment facebook page

To conclude, having traveled to Nepal a couple years ago and having friends and family over there, makes this association really hit ‘home’ for me. They are such an inspiration to me and to all students at UBCO.




Jumpstart Okanagan ’15

Jumpstart Okanagan 2015!


The annual orientation that introduces first year international students to the lovely Okanagan campus was a huge success once again.

From The Americas to Europe, Africa to Asia and Australasia, current students welcomed incoming first years with enthusiasm and excitement. The experience featured sessions that highlighted keys to university success, resources on campus as well as fun events and places to visit in the region.

Below you will find some quotes from Jump-starter’s this year:

“Woooooooooooooh! Jumpstart was so amazing met some of my best-friends here. ”
– Alix Rossetto, France

“The rodeo was spectacular, I got to ride a mechanical bull! If you don’t do it you’re missing out!”
– Arlene Hassan, Maldives

“Really nice and helpful for new to Kelowna students, the leaders and students were open and very friendly. Definitely do it , helps to meet new people. ”
– Nourah Ndour, Burkina Faso

“Jumpstart was wonderful! I loved the time we visited the farmer’s market and went on the hike. It really helped me familiarize with the campus and the new environment. ”
– Catherine Fleck-Vidal, Germany

“Did a good job picking leaders as they made as feel welcomed and comfortable from the get go as well as the help from move in. The rodeo/fair was really good, but the farmer’s market was my personal favourite.”
– Karlie Lovinggood, Cayman Islands

” A great experience, met so many people and learnt so much!”
– Lawrence Li, Hong Kong

Jumpstart has been running for the past 7 years and from the quotes and feedback, hopefully it will be here for many years to come; warmly receiving the international community to UBC.

Refugees at your doorstep

The world is facing a grim reality today. Hundreds of thousands of people are fleeing abject persecution, war, and famine in search of a better life; a basic human right entitled to every individual. But in our world, there is a price these people have to pay for something that is their right.

People from Asia and Africa are squeezed into dinghies and boats, that can barely accommodate 50 people, by smugglers in order to cross the treacherous oceans where they must continue their journey on foot for hundreds of kilometers to cross borders. And if lucky, they will reach their destination. But, what if luck doesn’t work out? In that case, these men, women, and children risk losing their lives on this perilous journey or being stranded on the borders of countries, counting the days when the neighbouring nation opens its borders for them to enter. How long will this wait be? No one knows.

Refugees from Syria, Iraq, Eritrea, Afghanistan, Pakistan, to name a few, are arriving on the shores of Europe in hundreds of thousands. This indicates the largest refugee crisis Europe has seen since World War II. The journey across the Mediterranean has already claimed the lives of over 3,000 people so far, which is more than the total number counted in 2014. However, this crisis is not only limited to European shores. What has not been highlighted as much on the mainstream media is that many are also crossing the Indian Ocean to make it to Thailand and Malaysia, such as the Bangladeshis, Rohingyas of Myanmar (the largest persecuted stateless minority in the world), who risk their lives for a more promising future. Being a Bangladeshi myself and having read about this in our local newspapers made me realize the gravity of this refugee crisis, how agonizing the experience is for these people and how more awareness needs to be raised.

Many countries such as Germany have embraced these refugees with promises to help them build a new life on their land. It is such leadership which defines humanity, gives the world hope that in the coming days these refugees will find a new home and not be left alone, stranded in the sea or on borders. The world needs to hear the voices of these people and help them tackle the threats that compel them to become refugees. But the questions remain-when will this crisis end? How feasible is the resettlement and integration of refugees in their new homes?

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