Canada, it’s time to VOTE

The ability to vote is a privilege in some countries and a government mandated right in others. However, this right does not exist in every country, such as in monarchies and dictatorships where no such things as free and fair elections and people’s right to vote exists.

The right to vote is a fundamental human right of every individual as stated in Article 21 of ‘The Universal Declaration of Human Rights’ by the United Nations.  Ensuring this right of the people is core to a functioning democracy. Being a Bangladeshi, I have witnessed elections create social unrest, protests-all because this fundamental right of the people was being infringed. And coming from a part of the world where this right is not always ensured, where sometimes politics and self-interest is above the nation’s interest, I value this right and respect the nations where citizens feel free to exercise it.

The 42nd general Canadian election will be held October 19th, 2015. This will be the day Canada decides who will be its next prime minister and which party leads the next four years. Canada is one of the nations in this world where politicians put the nation’s interest above their own. This doesn’t happen everywhere in the world. In countries like Guinea, Democratic Republic of Congo, people protest for free and fair election.  Clashes between protestors and security forces lead to loss of lives and injuries. People flee their villages and towns, leaving everything behind because the situation is so precarious. Hundreds of millions of dollars worth property is destroyed, the economy faces great damage- all because the people’s right to vote is violated. The right to vote is something that people have fought for hundreds of years. It is only fair that we, the citizens of this world, honour those who have given their lives for equal suffrage.

I urge every Canadian to vote on October 19th to exercise their right, to celebrate democracy, to help create change, to play a role in determining the future of your country.

Vote because YOUR vote matters.


Not sure how to vote or want to know more about the elections? The following link might help: