Tournaments Galore

The month of October has been filled with endless games of football, soccer, fútbol or fussball – whichever way you like to say it. Participants were able to listen to the crisp sound of the ball being pierced against the net. They were able to witness their sweat dripping from forehead to chin. However, most importantly, they were able to play an international love or rather, an international language adored by many.

On October 3rd began the World Cup tournament. Nine in the morning, bright and early, teams were able to start some of their first games.  The tournament was ongoing until the final game took place at five o’clock. Eventually the Russian Federation team took first place! Lots of teams were thirsty for more soccer, especially after some of the losses. (Hosted by the Model United Nations Club and helped by the International football Club)

On October 13th, students were able to bounce, spin and even 360-flip all around the field in a goofy game of bubble ball. Being in the bubble itself was quite the experience. Participants were tackled left and right and were thrown from one end of the field to the other, still retaining the biggest smiles on their faces. (Hosted by the Social Club, the Biochemistry Course Union and International Football Club)

On October 16th, music was blaring, soccer boots were tighten and the IFC NepSA Tournament began! Each team was able to participate in a minimum of three games.  Afterwards,  the scores were calculated to see which teams made it to the finals. Eventually, Kings FC were successful in taking first place by the end of the tournament. In addition, over $250 was raised for the school building project in Nepal! (Hosted by International Football Club and the Nepalese Scholars Association )

More events like these to come in the near future!

Stay tuned.