Global Fest 2015: Celebrating Diversity, Embracing Differences.


This year’s annual celebration of Global Fest was a blast!
Every year it has gotten bigger & better and this year’s edition was the best one yet! The morning session began with a special opening address from the Vice Chancellor, Deborah Buzzard and the manager of the IPS office, Leah Sanford who spoke on the importance of the diversity on our campus and the opportunities they present to learn from the different cultures.


There were presentations from different countries and regions, with memorable mentions including Chilean music + tortilla chips, having your name written in Taiwanese and dishes from different Tanzania, Nepal & different parts of the world. Many people walking through the FIPKE building, students and staff alike, sampled dishes and listened to the students and staff who represented the 26 different countries  on showcase at the event.


Global Fest Night Performance


The night section begun with a poem from the Master of Ceremony of the event, yours truly, Nene Azu and was characterized by music and dance performances that from India, Iran,  Russia, Canada & China among many others. There were also  memorable performances from Sam & Eaton (rap) ,UBCO Beats(acapella) , the ASA and the Latin Dance Club(dance) who graced us with amazing dance performances.


Overall the event was a success and the International Programs and Services Community Animators did a spectacular job at putting it together. I believe the UBC community looks forward to more events like this as it embraces our diversity and celebrates diverse cultures.



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